Visualisierung des Frankfurt-Modells in der Ausstellung Frankfurt Jetzt!

The Subjective Museum

Funded by the International Museum Fellowship Pogramme

Focusing on Subjective Bases of Knowledge and Their Museological Consequences

Frankfurt is many cities. Which one do you live in? This question lies at the centre of “Frankfurt Now!”, the new participation-based permanent exhibition at the Historisches Museum in Frankfurt. The project aims to create a digital collection of perspectives which reveal the knowledge of experience gained through everyday practice.

As part of this fellowship, the collection will be expanded and analysed in two different ways. In search of the “sensed city“, the fellow will go out and speak with its inhabitants to learn how they feel about Frankfurt, how they perceive it and “use” it, and subsequently add his/her personal view of Frankfurt to the collection. The fellow will be given free rein to determine the content and method of his/her contribution. In today’s museum landscape, there is hardly any research conducted on collections devoted to subjective bases of knowledge. Therefore, the museum wishes to discuss with the fellow the museological consequences of focusing on subjective criteria. What objects does the curator happen to encounter? What presentation strategies are suitable? How does it change the museum as an institution? Would it lose scientific credibility to only gain “street credibility” instead? The aim of the Fellowship is to develop a museological theory of the “subjective museum”.

The museum was looking to hire a curator from a “community museum“, such as the Museu da Maré in Rio de Janeiro or the District Six Museum in Cape Town. Such museums are known for playing an active role in and for the local community.

26.06.2017 - 28.06.2017 Historisches Museum Frankfurt, Frankfurt/Main International conference "The Subjective Museum"