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Cultural Contact – Cultures of Contact

Cultural Exchange between Bohemia and Saxony - Funded by the International Museum Fellowship Programme

The transregional history of Bohemia and Saxony in prehistoric and early historic times serves as the starting point of this epoch-spanning exhibition project highlighting the development of today’s cultural landscape(s). What did prehistoric humans and the first stone-age settlers find there? How did they make use of and gradually shape their environment? How did cultural exchange develop through migration, religion, art, exile, economy, ethnicity, language and domination? This project offers a richly facetted portrayal of regional transformation and depicts the multidimensional and polyvalent relations and interconnections of both regions.

The concept requires a cross-border approach to Saxon-Bohemian history which will be performed in joint cooperation by several institutions in both regions. This involves merging various disciplines such as Archaeology, History, Art and Cultural History, and European Ethnology. A bilateral workshop in Prague will serve as the basis for scientific engagement. A fellow from the Czech Republic will accompany the project from the very beginning. The exhibition will be shown in Chemnitz and Prague.