Visualisierung von Ayse Erkmen, Foto: Jan Bockholt

Sculpture Projects Münster 2017


The exhibition “Sculpture Projects Münster” will take place for the fifth time in summer 2017. This internationally renowned, large-scale exhibition, which began in 1977 and takes place every ten years, invites artists from around the world to create and present locally specific works in public spaces. Perceived as provocation in 1977, this exhibition format has meanwhile catapulted the Westfalen-Lippe Association and the city of Münster to one of the best-known venues of contemporary sculptural art in the world. Hundreds of thousands of art enthusiasts from around the world converge on Münster every ten years for an exhibition that dominates the cultural life of the city and region for over 100 days.

As an artistic long-term study, the exhibition takes a fresh look at current sculptural works and considers processes of change, evident in public space and the artworks presented in it. Most of the former participants have become renowned artists themselves, such as Bruce Naumann, Claes Oldenburg, Rebecca Horn, Jenny Holzer and Donald Judd.

Following visits to the respective sites and in close coordination with artistic director Kasper König and the two curators Britta Peters and Marianne Wagner, some 30 artists are developing new projects for Münster and the surrounding region for the 2017 exhibition.

The upcoming show will address current issues of global relevance, reflect on contemporary concepts in sculpture, and explore the fundamental conditions of the public sphere. In addition to fixed installations, such as Justin Matherly’s monumental sculpture of the so-called “Nietzsche Cliff”, a number of artists plan on producing works that originate from the field of ephemeral and living arts. For example, Alexandra Pirici is developing a performance on the theme of “National Memory” for the Hall of Peace in the historic city hall, while Michael Smith will offer a tattoo service for people over 65 and Emeka Ogboh will compose a site-specific sound work that makes reference to the former musician Moondog, who is buried in Münster.

“Sculpture Projects Münster” can justifiably compare itself with the documenta, which will also be taking place in summer 2017 in Kassel. Thanks to its reputation, artistic quality and, not least of all, its continuity, “Sculpture Projects Münster” is a significant event whose impact is felt far beyond the state of North Rhine-Westphalia.

The Federal Cultural Foundation is funding the Sculpture Projects Münster in 2017 with a total of one million euros.

Artistic director: Kasper König
Curators: Britta Peters, Marianne Wagner
Project director: Imke Itzen

10.06.2017 - 01.10.2017 LWL-Museum, Münster Exhibition