Advisory Committee

Prof. Dr. h.c. Klaus-Dieter Lehmann
President of the Goethe-Institut, Chairman of the Advisory Committee
Dr. Dorothea Rüland
Secretary General of the DAAD, Vice Chairman of the Advisory Committee
Jens Cording
President of the Society for Contemporary Music
Prof. Martin Maria Krüger
President of the German Music Council
Dr. Franziska Nentwig
Executive Director Kulturkreis der Deutschen Wirtschaft e.V.
Isabel Pfeiffer-Poensgen
Secretary General of the Cultural Foundation of German States
Dr. Volker Rodekamp
Director of the Stadtgeschichtliches Museum Leipzig / Former President of the German Museums Association (DMB)
Prof. Dr. Oliver Scheytt
President of the Cultural Policy Society
Regula Venske
German P.E.N. Center
Frank Werneke
Deputy Chairman of the ver.di labour union
Prof. Klaus Zehelein
Former President of the German Theatre Association
Olaf Zimmermann
Managing director of the German Cultural Council

The Advisory Committee

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The Advisory Committee consists of leading figures active in the various fields of art and culture. The committee is appointed by the Supervisory Board. The Committee is to advise and assist the Supervisory and Executive Boards. It conferes to the main focuses of the Foundation's activities and make pertinent recommendations.