Magazine #24


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Magazine #24 was released in April 2015. The issue highlights the topic "Religion" in connection with our funded projects.

In an interview by Jacqueline Boysen, the economist and philosopher Birger Priddat discusses to what extent principles of religious faith and capitalistic doctrine are interrelated. In an essay Marcia Pally, the cultural studies scholar takes issue with Europe's critical view of religion and explains why she finds it "naive". Both experts will be participating in the international conference "Trial of Faith", which the Federal Cultural Foundation is hosting in Cologne in June 2015. Subtitled "On Religion and Growth", the conference intends to examine whether religions support the modern belief in continuous growth or assume a more critical stance by placing limitations on it.

In anticipation of a production by the theatre collective Rimini Protokoll, we've spoken with the Berlin historian Michael Wildt about the dangers and opportunities of publishing Adolf Hitler's Mein Kampf.

And finally, British author Tim Parks addresses the (currently unpopular) question as to whether science has superseded religion when it comes to explaining and instilling meaning to life. 

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