Wanderlust - Fonds für internationale Theaterpartnerschaften
Das weiße Zimmer
Rennen © Jonah Samyn, Fonds Wanderlust, Gastspiel der Kopergietery Gent im Rahmen des Festivals "GO West" am Oldenburgischen Staatstheater
Französische Schauspieler mit deutschen Köpfen © Puppentheater Halle (Saale) und Compagnie Louis Brouillard, Paris
The Day Before the Last Day © Schaubühne Berlin
Grenzerfahrungen, Camp 1, Foto: R. Arnold / Centraltheater Leipzig


Fund for International Theatre Partnerships

Wanderlust was the urge to travel and broaden one's horizons. The German Federal Cultural Foundation was committed to fulfilling this dream for municipal and state theatres in Germany which would like to establish a partnership with a foreign theatre. "Wanderlust" was an application-based fund that financed theatre partnership and exchange for two to three seasons. In the first year, the theatres could have exchanged artistic personnel. In the second, they might have chosen to host a guest production from their partner theatre. And in the third year, the theatres could have organized a co-production to be performed at both locations. The partner theatres were free to organize the details of their working arrangement themselves according to their interests and capacities. The goal was to involve as many members of each theatre in the cooperative venture as possible. The fund also provided the option of continuing an existing partnership in the case that both partner theatres began a new project. Project applications were selected by the Executive Board of the Federal Cultural Foundation based on the recommendations of an independent jury consisting of Michael Börgerding (director of the Theaterakademie Hamburg), Stefan Schmidtke (director of the programme department for the European Capital of Culture - Tallinn 2011) and Eva-Maria Voigtländer (dramaturge for the Ruhr Triennial).

The fund ran for five years, and ended in December 2012.