Oper Leipzig © Ida Zenna
Theater Hagen © Klaus Lefebvre
Stadttheater Gießen © Katrina Friese


Guest-performance partnership fund

With the “Dance Plan”, the “Dance Heritage Fund” and the establishment of the triennial “Dance Congress”, which took place in 2016 for the fourth time and has meanwhile become a cultural institution of excellence, the Federal Cultural Foundation has implemented long-term measures to ensure that contemporary dance receives greater attention and support than ever in the public sphere and among cultural policymakers. However, there is still quite a discrepancy between what is offered in large cities, where most of the 60 permanent dance ensembles are employed at city and state theatres, and smaller towns where hardly anyone can watch contemporary dance or ballet productions for lack of their own ensembles. With its new programme “Danceland”, the Federal Cultural Foundation wishes to finance guest performances of permanent ensembles or provide the independent scene with extra funding to enable (more) contemporary dance productions to be staged in small to medium-sized towns.

“Danceland” is not only targeted at INTHEGA   – an alliance of 375 guest performance theatres in Germany – but also at representatives of dance ensembles at city and state theatres and the independent scene with the aim of initiating cooperative partnerships between them. Organising more frequent performances at multiple venues, in particular through guest performance tours, poses daunting challenges to both sides. The aim of this programme is to expand and intensify guest performance activities through cooperative projects and thereby “set the stage” for generating more recognition and interest among viewers and potential public sponsors after the Foundation’s funding programme concludes.

In order to initiate such partnerships and develop concepts tailored to the local circumstances which address the goals of the guest performances, the Federal Cultural Foundation will organise a preparatory workshop in February 2017 with representatives of guest-performance venues, city and state theatres, and independent dance ensembles from around the country.

The Federal Cultural Foundation has allocated 2.35 million euros in funding for the “Danceland” programme until 2021. 


The jury
Funding for the guest-performance partnerships is awarded on the basis of recommendations made by a jury of experts whose members include: Dr. Christiane Theobald, deputy general theatre director and ballet director of the Staatsballett Berlin, Tarek Assam, director of the Tanzcompagnie Giessen, and Werner Müller, general theatre director of the Theater Fürth.