Word and Knowledge

Leonid Pasternak: Skizze für Ölgemälde Rainer Maria Rilkes (aus dem Besitz der Familie Rilke-Beyer)

Rilke and Russia

Word and Knowledge

Raoul Schrott, Erste Erde Epos, Hörspiel © der Hörverlag

Raoul Schrott: The First Earth

Writing, words and texts have found their way into every area of our lives and in every form of artistic expression. The Federal Cultural Foundation wishes to contribute to preserving Germany’s vibrant literary scene by supporting contemporary literature at a high artistic level and celebrating the written word as an expression of life and art in all its facets. Projects in the area of “Word and Knowledge” include the writers’ project I am so young and the world is so old in cooperation with the German PEN Center. The model project Fiction responds to the challenges of digitalisation - together with fellow writers, IT specialists and graphic designers, it has developed a fundamentally new format for reading and distributing literature.
The Foundation has organised a series of major theme-based congresses in recent years, for example, As Darkness Falls on transparency and concealment in the age of digital control, and Political Romanticism, a congress on the tense relationship between passion and politics. The international conference Trial of Faith in June 2015 explored the multifaceted relationships between growth-thinking and the three major monotheistic religions.