Matters of Heritage

Literary-artistic meetings

The Literaturhaus Stuttgart is dedicating its upcoming international literary congress to the thematic complex of heritage. Applying artistic and academic methods, it aims to provide an interdisciplinary, multi-perspective view of “matters of heritage” which interweave social layers, cultural and ethnic markers, gender classifications and age structures. How can we make routine and often stereotypical systems of classification more flexible? How can we redefine diversity from vastly different backgrounds as a positively connoted heterogeneity? How do we create communities despite distinctive differences? In discourse-based and performative formats, the participants will explore what functions art and culture can serve and what instruments they possess which could challenge populist labelling and simplification with inclusive visions of the future. The project wishes to cast an unbiased view on “matters of heritage”, convinced that a language of hatred and violence can be countered by different language – a language of art – which possesses sufficient potential for a redesign.

Artistic directors: Stefanie Stegmann, Kateryna Stetsevych (UA), Katarina Berg (CS)
Participants: Mutherem Aras (TR), Björn Bicker, Sighard Neckel, Ulrich Peltzer, Philipp Schönthaler

13.10.2017 - 15.10.2017 Literaturhaus and public space, Stuttgart Congress and participatory modules