Uwe Lübking

Councillor, German Association of Cities, Member of the Board of Trustees of the Federal Cultural Foundation

Uwe Lübking was born in 1956 in Hanover. From 1978 to 1984 he studied law on the single tier course at the University of Bielefeld and specialised in public law.
In 1985, he was responsible for legal and constitutional matters at the Deutscher Städte- und Gemeindebund (German Association of Towns and Cities) and the North Rhine Westphalian Association of Towns and Cities. In 1990, he moved to the De-partment of Youth and Social Policy. Since 1/1/1998 he has headed the Department of Law, Constitution and Social Policy at the German Association of Towns and Cit-ies. Uwe Lübking has written reference books on local government law, has co-written commentaries on municipal law and has published in specialist magazines on local policy matters.