China is undergoing economic and social transformation at a breathtaking speed. As its markets become more and more intertwined with those of Western nations, China is facing new economic, political and cultural challenges. The process of modernisation and its cultural repercussions are especially visible in the urban development of the Chinese capital of Beijing. Because of its especially symbolic character as an administrative, political and cultural centre of the country, the megacity of Beijing was the focus of the grant programme "Beijing Case" which investigated the cultural changes caused by urban transformation. Twelve German and Chinese artists - including writers, fine artists, a choreographer and a documentary filmmaker - used the city as a "laboratory" for four months, during which time they artistically examined the cultural dimensions of high-speed urbanism.

The following artists lived and worked in Beijing during the summer of 2005:

The film and video artist Heike Baranowsky, the fine artist Thomas Bayrle, the writer Ingo Niermann, the media artist Echo YinSin Ho who was born in Beijing and has lived in Cologne for the last six years, the artist team Via Lewandowsky and Christine de la Garenne, the choreographer Mara Kurotschka, the writer Susanne Röckel, the Chinese film and video artist team Cao Fei and Ou Ning, the filmmaker and resident of Berlin Ma Yingli, and the Beijing poet Xi Chuan.

The ZKM in Karlsruhe will now present the results of the grant project for the first time in Germany. In addition to works of the "Beijing Case", which were first shown in the exhibition "Informal City" in Beijing's Dashanzi art quarter in November 2005, the upcoming exhibition will also include other artistic positions from China and Germany by Helke Bayrle, Sunah Choi, Ebru Erülkü, Jiang Jian, Waszem Khan, Barbara Klemm, Daniel Kohl, Antje Majewski, Ottjörg A.C., Harald Pridgar, Wang Shugang, Wang Wei, Miao Xiaochun, Xing Danwen, Kexin Zang and Martin Zeller.

The curator of the project is Gregor Jansen.

The Beijing Case is the second grant programme
following the Caracas Case which examines urban
development in megacities. The Beijing Case was
carried out in cooperation with the Goethe-Institut
Beijing and its project director on location was
Nora Sausmikat.



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