Mobile Academy is an international Arts Academy with an interdisciplinary course program that has been on tour now for seven years. It continually changes location, time, theme and form. The courses at Mobile Academy are structured as artistic projects, accompanied by field research, debate, excursions and presentations. Less techniques are taught, no possessors of know-how are selected, instead, new conceptual approaches and discourses, contemporary working strategies and artistic practices by international artists and theoreticians are presented.

Mobile Academy Warsaw will offer courses for artists and curators in the fields of: photography, acting, directing, dance, choreography, conceptual art and art theory. Each course works with international artists and consists of small projects, studies, research proposals and presentations that are complemented by lectures, expert talks and field trips into the post communistic condition.

choreography / dance
Xavier le Roy, Montpellier: The Phantom of Freedom!
Meg Stuart, Berlin/ Brussels: Anorexic Spaces. The Ghostlines in Private and Public Spaces

performing / acting / directing
Lina Saneh & Rabih Mroué, Beirut: Reality and Fiction
Catherine Sullivan, Los Angeles: The Ouija Board

images / photography
Akram Zaatari, Beirut: After Presence
Hans Weigand, Vienna: Warsaw Condensed
Olaf Breuning, Zurich/New York: Zombies

concepts / ideas
Georg Schöllhammer, Vienna: U.F.O.s
Tino Sehgal & Dorothea von Hantelmann, Berlin: Peep Show: Technologies of the Self
Bojana Cvejic, Brussels/Belgrade & Jan Ritsema, Amsterdam/Brussels: Police or Disagreement: The Politics of Aesthetics

city as stage
Stefan Kaegi, on the road: Cargo Ready-Made Machine - Intervention Lab

Warsaw Blackmarket II will take place on each Saturday and give the participants the chance to meet artists, scientist and theoreticians from Warsaw. 100 polish experts will talk in intimate groups on invisible, unknown and ghostly knowledge. (see also: Blackmarket for Useful Knowledge and Non-Knowledge, October 2005)

Ghosts, Spectres, Phantoms and the Places Where They Live
Mobile Academy Warsaw will realize an international comparison of the ghostly in architecture, politics, art, theory and our everyday life. At various times of day it is possible to discern different degrees of social phantomization, of oneself and oneŒs surroundings: perhaps one was once haunted by ghostly forces that came from the no-place of utopia and themselves were the phantom of an utopian communist society; perhaps, these days, one is a someone-or-other somewhere-or-other in the realm of facts, a kind on non-person, which almost seems to be a precondition of and economic basis for success anyhow. "The phantom of the market economy has replaced the ghost of communism" (Heiner Müller). Ghosts, avatars, phantoms, the undead, zombies, ghosts hooked on reality and self-phantomized advocates of the real: not living, not dead, not yet born or incapable of dying, neither present nor absent - they put reality on hold, and rob it of matter and provability. That is the terrain of this year's Mobile Academy.

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Mobile Academy Warsaw 2006 is aimed at advanced students, artists and curators with project experience. The teaching language of the Academy is English.


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