Alexander Kluge is not only an attorney, writer, television producer and media politician - above all, he is one of the most famous German directors in the world. He played a decisive role as the motor, spokesperson and driving force behind the establishment of New German Film. As a media politician, he fought for and advocated more liberalization for television which is one of the reasons why the German television industry is so unique today. While Kluge's written works have been thoroughly edited and are widely available, his cinematic works are not. The Goethe Institute and the Filmmuseum in Munich jointly released a DVD edition of these works. The edition places special emphasis on Kluge's short and feature-length cinematic works and includes selected television works and texts.

Artistic directors: Stefan Drössler, Rainer Stollmann
Artist: Alexander Kluge

Venues and schedule:
120 Goethe Institutes and their partners around the world

Or­der the DVD edi­tion

The 15-part DVD edition "Alexander Kluge – The Cinematic Works" was released in February 2009 and can now be ordered directly from the Filmmuseum in Munich:



Dachauer Straße 122

80637 München