From Broadcast to Podcast

International backyard radio

In recent years the Internet has seen a steady development of its communication formats, distribution channels and presentation platforms (MySpace). With this development, the roles of producers, consumers and recipients and their relationships to one another have also changed. What was previously of marginal importance can now take centre stage. The project From Broadcast to Podcast artistically addressed these changes. The international curators from the independent radio scene have developed an artistic programme that can be broadcast and expanded as Podcasts, through the independent programming structure of "back yard" radio stations, or through, the network of independent cultural radio broadcasters. At a three-week international summer academy, participants examined the new developments in the Internet and their technological and social implications, and discussed the changes in the creative working forms in the field of New Media.

Project managers: Pit Schultz
Participants: Diana McCarty, Guido Plonski, Alexis Waltz and twelve international curators

Venues and schedule:
Twelve public venues and courtyards in Berlin; Brandenburgischer Kunstverein, Potsdam; Scharmützelsee Brandenburg (summer academy); Cornerhouse, Manchester (GB); 1 May - 31 December 2007


Klubradio unlimited GmbH

Caseler Straße 4a

13088 Berlin