Next Level – Phaenomenale (Science & Art)

Gaming passion in the network society

As one of modernity's major themes, "Man and Machine" has taken on a multitude of new facets ever since the computer entered our private lives. These pervasive devices for work and play connect users with virtual worlds and constantly challenge them to learn new forms of interaction in both the real world and virtual reality. The exhibition Next Level presented artistic works illustrating the connections linking computer worlds with the worlds of reality. The phaenomenale festival expanded on this theme with concerts, theatre productions, lectures, workshops and performances by numerous internationally renowned artists and scholars.

Artistic director: Justin Hoffmann
Participants: Natalie Bookchin (USA), Valeriano López Domingues (E), JODI (NL), Thamiko Thiel (USA/D), Gislind von Wurmb, Armpods Concerts, Console, David Cronenberg (CAN), Claus Pias, Sadie Plant and others
Venues: Wolfsburg: Kunstverein Wolfsburg (exhibition), Phaeno Center Wolfsburg (festival)
Schedule: exhibition: 24 Nov. 2006 - 18 Feb. 2007; festival: 19 Jan. - 18 Feb. 2007


Kunstverein Wolfsburg

Schlossstraße 8

38448 Wolfsburg