Splice In – Filmfestival

Film and Gender/Politics from Europe to Afghanistan and back

The "Splice In" film festival presented a range of historical, documentary and feature film productions on "Film and Gender in Afghanistan", many of which were shown in Germany for the first time. Guests from Afghanistan, Iran, India and Germany were invited to hold discussions with movie audiences. In the short history of Afghan cinema, women have only been allowed to stand behind the camera since 2001. The films of many female Afghan filmmakers are political in nature and critically reflect on their present situation in Afghanistan. The "Splice In" festival juxtaposed the theme of "women and Afghanistan", which has been repeatedly instrumentalized, with local projects by women's organizations, female filmmakers and actresses who were forced into exile by the Taliban regime. The festival combined these perspectives with films from neighbouring countries, such as Iran and India, which feature similar political concerns.

Idea and project management: Elfe Brandenburger, Sandra Schäfer
Artistic directors festival: Sandra Schäfer, Regine Dura und Elfe Brandenburger
Curators and artists: Shakiba Adil, Latif Ahmadi, Nacir Al Qas, Deepa Dhanraj, Ayse Güleç, Mira Habibi, Kabeh Rastin-Tehrani, Aiqela Rezaie, Roya Sadat, Videogruppe Ungeduldig

14.11.-17.11.07 Kassel Documentary Film and Video Festival
22.11.-26.11.07 Berlin/ Kino Arsenal
28.11.-06.12.07 Hamburg/ Kino Metropolis
28.04. - 02.05.08 Filmfestival in the French Cultural Center in Kabul.
26.04.08 Workshop during the festival in Kabul



Wrangelstraße 58

10997 Berlin