Video jockeys, or VJs for short, accompany music with experimental video projections. This festival in Bremen not only featured performances, lectures and workshops on current productions of VJ art, but also initiated a critical discussion concerning the flood of images produced by VJing. The organizers wanted to demonstrate that VJing has more potential than simply sampling, mixing and producing video wallpaper for disco events. The festival placed special emphasis on VJing which plays on the imagery of the Expressionistic films of the 1920s, the experimental films of the 1960s and 1970s, and video art.

Artistic director: Christian Meier-Kahrweg
Artists: Peter Brinins (LV), Viktors Keino (LV), Malte Junack
Venues: Bremen: Spedition at the former freight terminal, public areas
Schedule: September - December 2006


Verein 23 zur Förderung intermedialen Kulturaustausches

Am Güterbahnhof

28195 Bremen