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From the archives of film-related films

Films about cinema, its history and aesthetics could be categorized under a new genre called "film-related films". Such films might include an artistic video work featuring a compilation of typical shots from Hitchcock movies or a documentary about images frequently found in movies by the director John Ford. The "film-related film" genre would comprise a wide variety of formats, such as experimental and essayistic forms for cinema or television and bonus footage on DVDs. Until now public television broadcasters have been the only producers in Germany to give directors the opportunity to focus on film as a theme in their movies. The goal of this project was to document the history of "films about films" which spans more than fifty years. Information about these films was researched, documented, publicized and made publically accessible. In addition to producing a filmography of selected classic films about film with a commentary, the project regularly holded events with producers, writers and film theorists about issues related to the project. Furthermore, the project compared and contrasted film-related films from three countries (France, Austria and Germany) along with their unique cinematic traditions.

Artistic director: Michael Baute
Project manager: Stefan Pethke
Participants: Volker Pantenburg, Stefanie Schlüter, Werner Dütsch, Sebastian Lütgert, Harun Farocki, Matthias Müller, Christina Nord, Christiane Habich, Tag Gallagher (US), Bettina Henzler, Winfried Pauleit, Alexander Horwath (AT), Michael Loebenstein (AT), Peter Delin and others

Film screenings in Vienna, Berlin, Cologne, Bremen starting in Autumn 2008


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