Group 83 - Ceramics


The Museum for Applied Arts in Gera and the Ostholstein Museum in Schleswig Holstein collaborated in an exhibition featuring ceramic-making in the old and new German Länder. The retrospective focused on the complete works produced in the past 20 years by Group 83 ("Gruppe 83"), one of the most important ceramics artist groups in Germany.
The exhibition was a significant contribution to the re-examination of German ceramic-making history since 1945 and supplemented the ceramic art exhibitions by individual artists which the Gera museum has hosted in recent years. In addition to Gera (Thuringia), Darmstadt (Hessen) and Eutin (Schleswig Holstein), the exhibition was also shown in Poland and Romania.

Applicant: Förderverein "Freunde des Ferberschen Hauses" e.V.,
Museum for Applied Art in Gera (Thuringia)
Project partners: Heimatverein Eutin, Ostholstein-Museum (Schleswig-Holstein)
Venues: Gera, Darmstadt, Eutin, Sczecin (Poland), Timisoara (Romania)
Project schedule: Eutin, Ostholstein-Museum: 28 March - 2 May 2004
Darmstadt: 9 July - 10 August 2004