Raste_02 a musical endeavour

Raste is a group of four artists, musicians, designers and exhibition organisers who live in Weimar and are devoted to introducing new electronic music to this historical city of German Classicism. As a small electronic music festival which combines theory and discourse with the experience of electronic music, Raste's goal was to establish a communicative platform that investigated the changing approach toward digital media forms. The organisers set up a digital and musical link between Weimar and Frankfurt am Main for two whole days. It was interesting to see whether the social and geographic differences of these venues had any effect at all on the relationships between the digital recording artists. The results of the Weimar workshop were presented in the Naxos Hall at the Willy Praml Theatre (Frankfurt/ Main).

Applicant: Raste GbR, Weimar (Thuringia)
Project partner: Willy Praml Theatre, Cultural Education e.V., Frankfurt (Hessen)
Venue: Weimar, street car yard
Frankfurt am Main, Naxos Hall at the Willy Praml Theatre
Project schedule: 12 - 13 June 2004 Weimar, 14 June 2004 Frankfurt/Main