Searching for clues


The Pro-Regio Association in Deutzen (Saxony) and the Kulturfabrik Salzmann in Kassel (Hessen) are working closely with young people from East and West Germany to investigate the process of reunification from a personal and local perspective. The project's central question is: "How have young people from East and West Germany experienced and perceived the German reunification process?" In addressing this question, the young participants will first examine certain events in order to document, evaluate, and finally transform through artistic means. They will then develop their own mobile performance in form of a court trial, which they will perform at several locations in East and West Germany. After completing their performances, a multimedia touring exhibition will present their search for clues, encounters, experiences, and above all, insights.

Applicant: Pro Regio e.V., Deutzen (Saxony)
Project partner: Kulturfabrik Salzmann e.V., Kassel (Hessen)
Venues: five locations in East Germany and five in West Germany
Project schedule: 1 January 2004 - 31 December 2005