The desire to be creative in today’s society has evolved into a veritable “creativity imperative” (Reckwitz 2012). The deep-seated belief in human creativity as the ultimate cultural and economic resource has led companies and public institutions everywhere to look into ways to facilitate or even enhance creativity and innovation. By installing flexible and preferably inspiring creative spaces, innovation workshops and future laboratories, these organisations have taken steps to playfully generate ideas in a systematically optimised fashion.

The exhibition “BAU [ SPIEL ] HAUS” makes the argument that the significant driver behind many of these creative spaces and methods worldwide was the playful culture of the Bauhaus.

The exhibition begins by showcasing Alma Siedhoff-Buscher’s polyfunctional playroom in the Bauhaus “Haus am Horn” in Weimar. Each element of this room was designed to encourage openness and creativity. The toyboxes, for instance, could be used as sitting blocks, a closet could be converted into a puppet theatre, and a changing table could serve as a desk. This playroom designed long ago by Siedhoff-Buscher is the heart of the exhibition – the original and reconstructed furniture and toys, the corresponding design drawings and publications engage in dialogue with modern-day furniture, popular, pedagogically praised computer games like “Little Big Planet” and sets of prototyping materials and tools. An additional area is integrated into the venue which will present, among other things, installative-performative pieces specially created for the exhibition by Olaf Nicolai and Liam Gillick.

Designed as a touring exhibition, the project will be shown in Germany, various countries in Europe and the United States. An international symposium in Nuremberg at the end of April 2019 will explore the theme in further depth and promote scholarly dialogue. The symposium is part of an accompanying programme which includes creative and design thinking workshops.

Artistic director: Olaf Nicolai
Curators: Robert Eikmeyer, Thomas Hensel, Eva Kraus
Artists: Liam Gillick (GB), Olaf Nicolai

Bauhaus Today Fund - Bauhaus 2019 Com­mem­or­ative Year Fund­ing Pro­gramme

The Federal Cultural Foundation launched the Bauhaus Today Fund to emphasise the contemporary relevance of the ideas and methods advanced by the historical school of architecture, art and design. We invite institutions in all artistic areas to explore the significance of the Bauhaus today.

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    Neues Museum - Staatliches Museum für Kunst und Design | Nürnberg


Neues Museum Nürnberg

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