In the middle of Saxony's three metropolitan art centres, a new museum and gallery venue has opened in a former Cistercian monastery in Altzella near Nossen. Its current exhibition combines the concepts of the "cell" as a place, central theme and metaphor. The "cell" is often associated with an isolated room or a "unit of origin." Four artists with varied cultural backgrounds are working in Altzella on pieces of art which deal with the subject of the "cell" in its multitude of meanings and its various historic areas of association.
Artistic director: Volkmar Billig
Artists: Susan Hefuna (ET), Yana Mile, Ricardo Pons (RA), Vadim Zakharov (RUS) and others

Venue and schedule:
Nossen (Saxony) 6 Aug. - 30 Oct. 2005
Youth art camp: 1 - 5 Aug. 2005


Kulturförderverein Klosterbezirk e.V.

Augustusberg 34

01683 Nossen