Demonstrations. Making Normative Orders

International exhibition project on the portrayals of power, doubt and protest

For this exhibition, the Frankfurt Art Association cooperated with the University of Frankfurt’s excellence cluster Formation of Normative Orders. The exhibition tied into the theme of the excellence cluster by examining the artistic and idea-historical context of normative orders and their making. It concentrated on artistic positions which reflect mass movements, representational strategies, media usage and the negotiation of democracy. The works presented opinions through public demonstrations, staged visual and performative portrayals of power and moments of “standing up for one’s convictions”. Each curator examined one of three viewpoints in the exhibition: contemporary art, art history and contemporary performance. In addition to an extensive accompanying programme, the exhibition at the Frankfurt Art Association also featured temporary actions and performances at various venues around the city of Frankfurt am Main.

Artistic directors / curators: Fanti Baum, Britta Peters, Sabine Witt
Artists: Bani Abidi (PK), Discoteca Flaming Star, François Georgin (FR), Jana Gunstheimer, Sharon Hayes (USA), Alfred Rethel, Yorgos Sapountzis (GR), Sandra Schäfer, Sarah Vanagt (BE), Nazim Ünal Yilmaz (TR) u.a.


Frankfurter Kunstverein

Markt 44

60311 Frankfurt am Main (external link, opens in a new window)