Duet with an Artist

Participation as an artistic principle

How does one shape collective action and social participation? What forms of social life are not dictated by economic criteria? These and similar questions about “participation” formed the basis of an exhibition on participative art at the Museum Morsbroich in Leverkusen. The exhibition presented artworks which require the visitors to engage in interaction, cooperation and occasionally collaboration – from choreographic instructions to interplay with other visitors. In the piece “The title is your name” by Christian Falsnaes, the viewer creates the work himself by following the artist’s instructions, or alternatively, by choosing not to. The works by the Korean artist Haegue Yang produce sounds when visitors set them in motion. In Juergen Staack’s piece, the visitor becomes the artwork himself from the point of view of the others. And the artists’ group Opravivrà uses objects to create spaces and moments of togetherness.
The exhibition has been working closely with associations and local institutions (film club, music school, theatre for young people) in order to attract a younger audience. With this exhibition, the museum hoped to establish itself as a central venue of participation for the urban community.

Artistic director: Stefanie Kreuzer
Artists: Davide Balula (FR), Pierre Huyghe (FR), Yoko Ono (JP), Opavivrá (BR), Haegue Yang (KR), Jeppe Hein (DK), Roman Ondak (SK), Erwin Wurm (AT), Gabriel Sierra (CO), Christian Falsnaes (DK), Christian Jankowski, Mischa Kuball and others


  • 21 May, 2017 to 3 September, 2017: Ausstellung

    Museum Morsbroich, Leverkusen


Museum Morsbroich

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