The Hallo Festspiele is a festival which scouts unused locations and their surroundings in order to create space for long-term projects. Following festivals in Lisbon and Paris, the organisers plan to stage their festival in the listed Bille power station, the oldest existing electric power plant in Hamburg. Most of the grounds are currently not being used, and the festival wishes to musically intervene in the transformation process taking place in the station’s “decommissioned” structures. Audiences will have the opportunity to listen and perceive the site-specific characteristics of the power station and the district of Hammerbrook. The focus will be on auditory interventions which activate the rooms and their architectural and social potential. Composers, sound artists and musicians will be invited to develop concerts, performances, DJ sets, sound installations and audio walks which explore and emphasise the individual venues. The festival will be preceded by a series of one-day events titled “Hallöchen” (Little Hellos), staged at various venues in the neighbourhood of the power station, e.g. a traditional pub and the municipal waste management facility. Selected artists will be on hand to present sketches of their works and personally describe their projects. The programme of the Hallo Festspiele is comprised of two parts. The first weekend of the festival will concentrate on the visitors’ subjective, personal moment of experience, e.g. in the musical theatre piece “zero decibels” by Daniel Dominguez Teruel featuring different sets through which the audience members, wearing radio headsets, can freely move about. At the second weekend, several performances will be staged in the two impressive factory halls, e.g. the installation “Long String Instrument” by the internationally acclaimed artist Ellen Fullmann, featuring 30-metre-long music strings which she will pluck and strum together with the musician Konrad Sprenger.

Artistic director: Dorothee Halbrock
Curators: Sérgio Hydalgo (PT), Daniel Dominguez Teruel (DE/ES)
Artists: Frauke Aulbert, Gunnar Brandt-Sigurdsson, Daniel Dominguez Teruel (DE/ES), Gabriel Ferrandini (PT), Alexander Schubert, Ellen Fullman (US), Konrad Sprenger, Umschichten and others

Additional Venues:

Venues in the vicinity of the Bille power station, Hallöchen (lead-up events), Hamburg: 12 Aug. 2017 and 9 Sep. 2017;

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    13.10. –


    Bille power station | Hamburg

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    Bille power station | Hamburg


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