Artificial intelligence in the sense of self-learning and self-optimising algorithms drives central digital processes of everyday life. More and more often microbiologists are designing entirely new molecules, while programmers are creating autonomous systems. Whenever someone endows his or her creation with creative power, he or she becomes a homo deus, a human god. In Germany in particular, such scientific and technical advances have gone largely unnoticed by the critical public. For its international festival “Homo Deus” in 2019, the Münchner Kammerspiele will be inviting technology experts, social and cultural scholars, and artists from all over Europe to publicly discuss the possibilities and risks of artificial intelligence. Conceived as an obstacle course with elements of theatre, performance, visual arts and music, the festival will reflect on AI developments on five separate performance stages and present their aesthetic expression in concentrated form – including contributions by Alexandra Pirici, Susanne Kennedy, Markus Selg, Christiane Kühl and Christoph Kondek.

By and with: Marco Donnarumma (IT), Susanne Kennedy (D/US), Jisun Kim (KO), Christoph Kondek & Christiane Kühl (D/US), Alexandra Pirici (RO), Dennis Pohl, Anta Helena Recke, Markus Selg and others

  • Date

    12.06. –


    Münchner Kammerspiele | Munich


Münchner Kammerspiele

Falckenbergstr. 2
80539 München