Josef and Anni Albers - Encounter with Latin America


Josef Albers was a painter and colour theorist, and his wife Anni Albers was a prominent maker of textile artworks. Their artistic background began with their time together at the Bauhaus. The couple made frequent trips to Mexico, Cuba and South America, and studied contemporary art and design, folk art, and pre-Colombian art and architecture. This exhibition was the first to document the influence of Spanish-speaking America on the works of these artists. Anni Albers' weavings, drawings and painted studies illustrate her deep understanding of pre-Colombian textiles, patterns, colours, and iconographic signification. One can recognize in Josef Albers' photography how his photographic concept developed during his journeys.

Curators: Brenda Danilowitz (USA), Marta Gonzáles Orbegozo (E), Heinz Liesbrock
Artists: Josef and Anni Albers (D/USA)

Venues and schedule:
Museo Nacional Centro de Arte Reina Sofía, Madrid (ES), 14 Nov. 2006 - 11 Feb. 2007
Josef Albers Museum, Bottrop, 11 Mar. - 27 May 2007
Museo de Arte de Lima (PE), 24 Jun. - 16 Sep. 2007


Josef Albers Museum Bottrop

Im Stadtgarten 20

46236 Bottrop