Kiosk for useful knowledge: "Who will have been to blame"

A discussion with Christina von Braun and Carolin Emcke


The "Kiosk for useful knowledge" is an ever-growing archive of dialogues, interviews and autobiographies based on "stories of places, cities and territories".
The last Kiosk event titled "Who will have been to blame" took place during the Vienna Festival Week, the theme of which was the future. "Who will have been to blame" demonstrates the future perfect - a grammatical form rarely used in everyday speech, describing actions finished at some point in the future. The title expresses the memory of past events in the future, a way of thinking which views all present action from the end. The question of guilt leads us far away from the common discourse at present. The event featured a discussion between Christina von Braun - cultural theorist, writer, filmmaker and, since 2006, the director of the Department of Cultural Sciences at the Humboldt Universität zu Berlin - and Carolin Emcke - writer, political theorist, journalist, and, since 2007, an international reporter for the ZEIT magazine.

The Kiosk dialogue took place in rooms sequestered from the audience, and was recorded and broadcasted live in Schwarzradio - the local broadcaster of the "Black Market for Useful Knowledge and Non-Knowledge".

The conclusion of the project featured twenty dialogues and access to the entire Kiosk archive at an open-air cinema, located at the HAU2 in Berlin.
The Kiosk archive started in 2003 as part of the "Ersatzstadt" project, initiated by the German Federal Cultural Foundation.


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