At the centre of this international exhibition “Mental Models” lies the belief that political reality is reflected in the human psyche. As a result, artists explore – often subconsciously – life-changing events which they aesthetically express in uniquely personal ways. The exhibition at the Staatliche Kunsthalle Baden-Baden presents works of art by American, African, Asian, Arabic and European artists which portray such mental models in their sculptures, drawings, installations, photos and videos. The American artist Audrey Wollen, for example, reflects on the psychological effects of social media. The Chinese artist Zhang Qing focuses on the psychosocial effects which the traumatic experiences of the Cultural Revolution have caused in recent history. The French artist Kader Attia takes issue with the false assumption that all cultures are based on similar psychological structures. He highlights the danger of transferring Western views of psychology to the inhabitants of African countries and demonstrates how geopolitical upheavals can occasionally have an opposite effect on one’s psychological stability. A series of local and international collaborations will provide additional scientific and clinical aspects and offer visitors multiple perspectives on the topic.

Artistic director: Johan Holten (DK)
Curator: Luisa Heese
Artists: Kader Attia (FR), Dan Finsel (US), Pedro Gomez-Egana (CO), Leigh Ledare (US), Basim Magdy (EG), Zhang Qing (CN), Javier Tellez (VE), Kaari Upson (US), Audrey Wollen (US) and others

  • Date

    23.03. –


    Staatliche Kunsthalle | Baden-Baden


Staatliche Kunsthalle Baden-Baden

Lichtentaler Allee 8 a
76530 Baden-Baden