Many places in Europe are now erecting barriers. Nationalistic, xenophobic movements are gaining momentum. Right-wing populism is spreading. At the same time, we are seeing grass-roots movements fighting authoritarian, anti-liberal and right extremist tendencies. But even if cultural organisations are assuming greater socio-political responsibility, rarely are their own structures impacted by these trends. Therefore, the artists’ collective zeitraumexit asks the question: What function does art have in the current political landscape? What kind of cultural organisation does an urban society need and want? This project is a radical, short-term experiment which stages political, participative and aesthetic processes and playfully depicts the operations of a cultural organisation as a creative commons.
In September 2017, the festival “Miracle of the Prairie” will present international artistic works on the topic of political participation. At the same time, representatives from cultural institutions throughout Europe will meet with political activists at the “European Summit Culture of Protest” to discuss the relationship between protest movements and cultural organisations. At the conclusion of the festival, zeitraumexit will entrust its infrastructure to civic groups from Germany and abroad until summer 2018. Those who wish to participate will have to submit a proposal in a public competition and be chosen by an assembly (sovereign). A committee of festival participants and guests (legislature) will develop a democratic procedure to regulate the presentations. The implementation of and compliance with the rules will be ensured by the “Art Monarch” Tanja Krone (judiciary). She will be accompanied by a chorus, modelled after choruses in Greek antiquity, consisting of students from the University of Popular Music and Music Business. The project will enable visitors to experience aesthetic and democratic-parliamentary practices and encourage an international discussion on the role and function of cultural institutions. The project will be accompanied and evaluated by students from the University of Mannheim, as well as documented on video.

Directors and curators: Gabriele Oßwald, Jan-Philipp Possmann
Artistic support: Tanja Krone
Artistic participants: Rodrigo N. Albornoz (AR/NL), F.Wiesel, Ant Hampton (GB), Julian Hetzel (DE/NL), Tanja Krone, Andreas Liebmann (CH/DK ), Christophe Meierhans (CH), Anna Mendelssohn (AT), ongoing project (AT/DE), Wolfgang Sautermeister, David Weber-Krebs (BE), ongoing project sowie Sibylle Peters, Raul Zelik, Marijana Cvetkovic (CS), Zsuzsa Berecz (HU), Leonidas Martin (E), Richard Stanton (GB), Houter Willart (B) and many others

  • Date

    14.09.2017 –

    Festival "Miracle of the Prairie"



Hafenstraße 68-72
68159 Mannheim / Jungbusch

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