Mister Dynamite, real name Bob Urban, is the main character in a series of (West) German penny spy novels. In almost 400 episodes, Mister Dynamite is the “German James Bond”, smokes his own brand of cigarettes, drives expensive cars, seduces the ladies, while protecting liberty, the free market and the fatherland. In contrast to those stereotypical villains that undercover heroes were called on to combat, we are now confronted by gigantic computing centres trawling the data of everyday citizens. Computer nerds snoop through our wretched everyday lives looking for patterns and repetitions.

This double-season joint project by the Theaterhaus Jena and the director team “zweite reihe” plans to resurrect that Cold War secret agent for assignments in our wonderful new world of data.

The members of “zweite reihe” are Georg Carstens (director), Berit Carstens (dramaturgy) and Justus Saretz (design).


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