This joint project by the theatre collective PRINZIP GONZO and the Ballhaus Ost in Berlin explore the theme of capitalism in the age of globalisation. In the first year, the project will focus on the Spanish conquistadors of the 15th century. Based on the motto “Monypolo”, the project will portray the important chapters in Hernán Cortés’ life and the Mexican conquest in five theatrical episodes – always probing the relationship between the historic spirit of conquest and today’s maxims of economic success. The results will culminate in an interactive “game theatre” format, in which the viewers are allowed to become the protagonists themselves in a theatrical game of conquest.

Capitalism of the future will be the focus in the second year. Inspired by the futuristic visions in Dave Eggers’ The Circle and Aldous Huxley’s Brave New World, the artistic team will attempt to derive a new, perfect economic utopia. Can capitalism be saved?