Literature archives preserve the traces of writers and their literary figures in a variety of ways, be it in the form of visual materials, death masks, and naturally and not least of all, in the form of texts. In order to present these bodies of work to the public, literature exhibitions often revert to using media which combines the written word, for example, with audio and video materials.

The experimental exhibition series “Moving Literature”, developed by the literary scholar Heike Gfrereis, aims to explore new formats for the literature exhibition genre. To this end, Gfrereis is working with artists and programmers to present texts and collection pieces from the literature archive which are immersive or performative in character, give them a body in real time, and comment on them in their own distinctive way. The question is, how can one archive the traces of these bodies so that at least a part of their time-bound vitality remains preserved? What new forms of exhibition design are created if exhibitions are no longer a static medium, but are moving and can be moved? In addition to offering answers to these questions, the project will also investigate whether the experiment is transferable to other national contexts.

Artistic directors: Heike Gfrereis, Sandra Richter
Artists and researchers: Tanya Blaich (US), Steffen Bogen, Measha Bruggergosman (CA), Gabriel Kahane (US), Christoph Israel, Sebastian Padó, Stephan Schwan, Alexander Schwarz, Peer Trilcke, Thomas Wördehoff

Additional Dates of the experimental exhibition series:

Berechnen (Calculation) (13 Dec. 2020 – 11 Apr. 2021;
Rauschen (Sound) 13 May – 15 Aug. 2021;
Freiheit (Freedom) 24 Mar. – 14 Aug. 2022;
Singen (Singing) 16 Mar. – 13 Aug. 2023

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    09.05. –


    Lachen. Kabarett (Laughing)

    Literaturmuseum der Moderne | Marbach


Deutsches Literaturarchiv Marbach

Schillerhöhe 8-10
71672 Marbach am Neckar