The programme of this year’s Musik 21 festival is all “about the word”. In concerts, readings, installations and experimental formats, the festival aims to highlight the various types of encounter between music and text.
The regional spotlight of the 2017 festival will focus on the Scandinavian countries. Audiences can look forward to hearing works by Scandinavian composers, performed by the Norwegian ensemble ASAMISIMASA. A work by the Danish writer Inger Christensen will be presented at the Sprengel Museum. A recording of her long poem “Alphabet” will form the basis of a language sound chamber, in which 30 loudspeakers playing Christensen’s text will create a spoken fugue.  
A large-scale participative project titled “Listen: Voices!” will present the numerous languages spoken by residents of Hanover. Young composers from the Hanover University of Music have been working together with migrants and foreign-language speakers living in the city to develop a live composition. The festival has also awarded twenty commissions for new fanfares. Fanfares are the acoustic equivalents of calls or warnings. The new compositions will be performed as such at diverse and unexpected locations throughout the festival period.

Artistic director: Matthias Kaul
Artists: Das Neue Ensemble, Ensemble ASAMISIMASA (NO), Ensemble L’ART POUR L’ART, Ensemble Megaphon, Ensemble Schwerpunkt, Inger Christensen (DK), Mara Genschel, Nomos-Quartett, Pit Noack, Yoko Tawada (JP) and others

Additional Venues:

Künstlerhaus, Kommunales Kino, Literaturhaus, Stiftung Niedersachsen

  • Date

    17.08. –


    Sprengel Museum, Kulturzentrum, Pavillon, Staatsoper Hannover | Hannover


Musik 21 Niedersachsen

Alte Grammophonfabrik
Edwin-Oppler-Weg 5
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