The exhibition project “Natural Time – Nature in the Age of Its Technical Reproduction” explores the relationship between humans, nature and art. The title – a reference to the essay by Walter Benjamin "The Artwork in the Age of Its Technical Reproducibility" –  emphasises that "reproducibility" is no longer a mere possibility, but a fact of our present day. We are already witnessing the artistic "reproduction" of nature – genetically, biochemically, in the form of renaturalisation or fetishisation through advertising and media.
What does it mean for the relationship between humans, nature and art when nature and the immediate aesthetic experience of nature is changed and manipulated through reproduction? When the natural can no longer be distinguished from the artificial, when the artificial becomes identical to nature? To what extent has art itself become an instrument for presenting and perceiving nature due to the ubiquity of new visual technologies? These questions are addressed in the exhibition, which starts by focusing on the state of Mecklenburg-Western Pomerania with its rural tradition. The relationship between humans and nature in this region is being subjected to strong processes of transformation and therefore possesses exemplary significance. The exhibition includes newly produced paintings, drawings, installations and films. The programme will be supplemented by four related projects in public space, including a joint project between the "Environmental Ethics" working group at the University of Greifswald and the Greifswald Botanical Institute. The artists, scientists and environmental activists are collaborating closely in all areas of the exhibition.

Artistic directors: Andreas Wegner, Terezie Petišková (CZ)
Curators: Andreas Wegner, Vendula Fremlová (CZ)
Artists: Markus Ambach, Marcel Broodthears (BE), Brian Conley (US), Karl-Heinz Eckert, Thomas Heise, Helmut Hoege, Christoph Keller, Gerd Rohling, Blashoslav Rozboril (CZ) and others

Venues and Dates:

Kunstverein Schwerin: summer 2018; Brno House of The Arts, Brno and University library, Greifswald


Kunstverein Schwerin e.V.

Kunsthalle im E-Werk
Spieltordamm 5
19055 Schwerin