Imagining Society without Growth

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Project description

Capitalism has long become a global paradigm for the exploitation of natural resources and the driver of growing social inequality. The coronavirus crisis has caused many to re-examine what societies might look like without growth-oriented capitalism. The three-part exhibition in Münster takes this moment in time to reflect on alternative forms of action and features works of art which ask: do we have the possibility to start over, to adopt a different logic, to turn the system around and engage in a new order? Could we forge ahead in a different direction to avert the utter collapse of civilisation? And what might this look like?

The LWL-Museum für Kunst und Kultur, the Kunsthalle Münster and the Westfälische Kunstverein are working together for the first time to address these complex questions in a joint exhibition at three locations and in public spaces in Münster. The featured works will propose alternative perspectives and theories and discuss alternative political and social models. The exhibition hopes to initiate debate on what a period of post-growth might look like and reflect on scenarios for sensibly designing the “operating system of art”, i.e. the production methods and increased costs of transport and exhibition-building, in a time of post-growth. Digital education formats will allow international viewers to participate in and discuss the topics addressed by the exhibition, while an extensive accompanying programme of films, discussion series and a symposium will invite local visitors to explore the themes in detail.

Artistic directors: Merle Radtke, Kristina Scepanski, Dr Marianne Wagner
Artists: Georges Adéagbo, Marwa Arsanios, Andrea Bowers, Alice Creischer, Cao Fei, Nina Fischer & Maroan el Sani, Johan Grimonprez, Christine & Irene Hohenbüchler, Eva Koťátková, Elke Marhöfer, Anita Molinero, Matt Mullican, Andreas Siekmann, Raul Walch


No upcoming events at present

Previous events

  • 27 November, 2021 to 27 February, 2022: Exhibition: Nimmersatt?

    simultaneously at the LWL-Museum für Kunst und Kultur, at Kunsthalle Münster and at Westfälischer Kunstverein

    Different locations, Münster