War and peace are conceptual opposites, but in practice, the difference between them is not always so clear. In a group exhibition, a film series and lectures, the transitional phase between war and peace will be illustrated using historical examples (from World War II to the recent war in Iraq). The official end of war does not mean that all military actions have automatically come to an end, nor does it represent a complete break of developments which led up to the war. The influence of war and military technology on peace is a crucial issue for Wolfsburg's own history, as it was the site of the Nazi armament industry.

Curator: Justin Hoffmann
Artists: Nevin Aladag (TR/IL), Rahel Bruns, Willie Doherty (GB), Linda Iannacona / Paper Tiger Television (USA), Katrin Lock, Rolf Pilarsky, Ellen Semen (A), Tamiko Thiel (USA), Volker Veit

Venue and schedule:
Wolfsburg 26 May - 25 Sep. 2005


Kunstverein Wolfsburg

Schloßstraße 8

38448 Wolfsburg