Of Plants and People

An exhibition by the German Hygiene Museum

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Project description

In recent years, researchers have increasingly embraced the theory of the Anthropocene, which holds that humans have played a far greater role in permanently altering the face of the earth in the current geological age than naturally occurring processes. This theory serves as the basis of an exhibition in Dresden which discusses the consequences of the Anthropocene findings by exploring concrete examples of the study, use and protection of plants. By viewing nature as both a factor of production and a place of longing, the exhibition attempts to redefine the human relationship to nature. The exhibition is divided into three sections. The first examines the cultural appropriation of plants as objects by artists, architects, writers and scientists. The second investigates plants as the raw material found and used in gardens, fields and laboratories. The third section views the plant as a fellow creature whose living conditions have to be understood in order to better manage plant-human coexistence and preserve plant diversity in the future. In addition to presenting numerous artistic works, the cultural-historic exhibition at the Hygiene Museum will also shed light on the history of land use and terraforming, matters of global food production, genetic modification of plants and the role of humans in shaping and transforming the biosphere. The exhibition will be supplemented by an extensive educational programme and accompanying catalogue.

Artistic director: Kathrin Meyer
Artists: Karl Blossfeldt (DE), Roald Dahl (GB), Jasmin Huber (CH), Charles Jones (GB), Volker Kreidler (DE), Liisa Lounila (FI), Siobhán McDonald (IRL), Uriel Orlow (CH), Dan Rees (GB), Åsa Sonjasdotter und Elske Rosenfeld (SWE/DE), Michael Wang (US)


  • 19 April, 2019 to 19 April, 2020: Exhibition

    Deutsches Hygiene-Museum, Dresden


Deutsches Hygiene-Museum

Lingnerplatz 1
01069 Dresden

www.dhmd.de (external link, opens in a new window)