Artistic directors: Jan Verwoert, Henrik Olesen
Venue: Kunstverein München, February - March 2007

In 1994, the exhibition Oh Boy, It's a Girl! at the Munich Art Association was one of the first to participate in the newly emerging debate on gender-centred artistic practices. The exhibition not only presented examples of feministic art in terms of their historic lines of development, but also included Anglo-American gender theories and related artistic works which, at that time, were sorely underrepresented in the German-speaking countries. Although there was a great deal of interest in the topic initially, in recent years, exhibition organizers have somewhat neglected the issue of the (de)construction of gender, sexual desire, and the political situation surrounding it. Now twelve years later, Oh Girl, It's a Boy! will critically re-examine the main aspects of the former discussion.


Kunstverein München

Galeriestraße 4

80539 München