The meaning of “dilettante” has undergone significant change over the centuries. Originally it described an untrained artist, a lover of the fine arts or a scientific amateur, who passionately, albeit inexpertly, pursued an interest for pleasure (from the Latin delectare = to please). Nowadays, its meaning is far less flattering, namely that of a “layperson” or – even worse – a clumsy boor.
However, the arts would not be as rife with ideas and discoveries if it were not for these amateurish, unstudied and autodidactic contributions. One need only to think of concrete poetry and music, Dada, punk and the Fluxus movement. This exhibition invited artists who play with the idea of dilettantism or dabble in a field in which they possess no expertise whatsoever. The curators hoped to illustrate the possibilities and liberties of dilettantish approaches, especially when it comes to gaining new insights and experiences or unusual perspectives.
The event series Dilettante-Stadl invited researchers, artists and art collectors, e.g. the collector Harald Falckenberg and the artist Mark Dion, who regard dilettantism as a central working method.

Artistic director: Frank Motz, Artists: Bernard Akoi-Jackson (GH), Hagen Betzwieser (GER), Ian Bourn (UK), Jeannette Chavez (CU), Mark Dion (US), Anna Gierster (GER), Kel Glaister (AU), Karl-Hans Janke (GER), Eleni Kamma (GR), Adam Knight (UK), Simone Bogner (GER), Paul Etienne Lincoln (UK), Laure Prouvost (FR), Rory Macbeth (UK), Per Olaf Schmidt (GER), Peter Haakon Thompson (US), Thomas Tudoux (FR), Nomeda & Gediminas Urbonas (LT/US) and others

Weimar, ACC Galerie, 1 Jun. - 12 Aug. 2012
Leipzig, Halle 14, 15 Sept. - 9 Dec. 2012


ACC Galerie Weimar

Burgplatz 1 + 2

99423 Weimar