Performance Electrics – Turning Art into Electricity

Research project, exhibition, performance and symposium

Power Station, Fotografin: Daniela Wolf

The goal of “Performance Electrics” is to produce electricity through artistic actions. Its artistically designed solar plants, wind-powered sculpture generators and performative interventions in public areas generated so-called “Art Power”, which is then fed directly into the public electricity grid.
With its novel approach of interlinking what are normally unrelated fields, namely art and energy, the project aimed to sharpen public awareness and generate new ideas for a variety of interdisciplinary cooperative ventures. By “connecting” the artwork to the power grid, the project introduced the audience to the problematic issue of energy consumption in an innovative way.
A new sculpture, titled “Power Station” not only supplied energy to the grid, but also served as an R&D centre and venue for public presentations, discussions and workshops. A wide variety of artistic measures were presented at different locations throughout the course of the project – temporary power-producing actions and long-term energy-generating installations. On its website, users can find information about the continuing research and further development of its Art Power production measures.

Artistic director: Pablo Wendel
Research assistants: Nina Bossert, Simona Doletzki, Birgit Gebhard, Katharina Ritter
Artists: Daniel Beerstecher, Fabian Brenne, Vladislav Novicki (LT), Katharina Ritter, Christine Rusche, Darius Sidlauskas (LT), Kestutis Svirnelis (LT), Samuel Treindl, Karl Wruck (CH) 


Performance Electrics

Im Schellenkönig 56a

70184 Stuttgart (external link, opens in a new window)