Positions in Contemporary Art from the Islamic World

Online magazine, exhibition and accompanying programme

The Berlin ifa-Galerie's online magazine "Contemporary Art from the Islamic World" not only contains important information for readers in the Western hemisphere, but in many Middle Eastern countries, as well. Published in German, English and Arabic, the magazine offers an overview of cultural production in the Islamic world. In many Islamic countries, this website is the only source of information written in Arabic with features on domestic contemporary art. In the past three years since its launch, the magazine's editors have been able to cultivate a growing number of contacts with art brokers, artists and institutions. As part of the website's expansion project, the partners were given the opportunity to cooperate with the magazine more actively, resulting in more up-to-date art features. To view the artworks in the online magazine up close an exhibition featured works by five to eight artists in Berlin, after which it went on tour in Islamic countries.

Artistic directors: Gerhard Haupt, Pat Binder
Participants / artists: Lida Abdul (AFG), Vyacheslav Ahunov (UZ), Mounir Fatmi (MAF), Ebtisam Abdul Aziz (UAE), Anas Al Shaikh (BRN), Amal Kenawy (ET), Waheeda Malullah (RN), ruangrupa (RI), Suha Shoman (JOR) and others


Institut für Auslandsbeziehungen (ifa)
Dr. Ursula Zeller

Charlottenplatz 17

70173 Stuttgart