One hundred years after the First World War, the Saarländische Staatstheater and the Berlin-based dance and performance group MS Schrittmacher have cast their sights on the future of war. What war scenarios might we expect if we imagine how the present situation in the world could evolve one hundred years from now? What might alternative economic and power-political relations look like in the far future and how would they impact war and peace? And finally, what courses of action do these mind games offer us today?

“Quo vadis, bellum?” intends to initiate social dialogue regarding these questions. Research will be conducted in collaboration with journalists and protagonists of social movements and made available online. Public rehearsal processes will culminate in a site-specific performance, depicting a worst-case scenario of future wars.

Quo vadis, bel­lum?


MS Schrittmacher
Martin Stiefermann

Zossener Straße 52
10961 Berlin