Rémy Zaugg –

And the Question of Perception. Retrospective

Rémy Zaugg, About Death II, 2005, Sammlung Magasin III Museum & Foundation for Contemporary Art, Stockholm © Galerie Mai 36, Zürich

In commemoration of the 10th anniversary of Rémy Zaugg’s death (1943– 2005), the Museum für Gegenwartskunst in Siegen wished to pay tribute to and review the complex oeuvre of the Swiss artist and exhibition maker. The retrospective presented Zaugg’s paintings, video works and projects in public space. An international team of experts and curators have organised a symposium which addressed the ethical and aesthetic aspects in Rémy Zaugg’s works, e.g. his life-long investigation of how perception influences artistic production and the reception of its results, or the artist’s role in society. In cooperation with international partners, the project organisers edited and published Rémy Zaugg’s collected writings, letters, lectures and interviews in nine volumes in German and French. After its presentation in Siegen, the exhibition will be shown in Madrid, Basel and Tours.

Curators: Eva Schmidt, Javier Hontario (ES), Alain Julyen-Laferrière (FR) in cooperation with Manuel Boja-Ville (ES), Teresa Velazques Cortes (ES)
Writers: Mathilde de Croix (FR), Christian Spies, Jean-Christophe Royoux (FR), Rémy Zaugg (CH)


Additional Venues:
Reina Sofia, Madrid: 7 Apr. – 28 Aug. 2016
Tours 18 Dec. 2016– 26 Mar. 2017


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