Sun Rise | Sun Set

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Project description

Within a single generation, climate change has shifted from a scientific prediction to tangible reality. Fires, droughts and flooding are the visible consequences of this crisis, sharpened by global social inequality and intensified by waves of migration. This new escalation has resulted in a battle between political values and social, economic and life models. In the same way many societies are becoming polarised, so too has political discourse become increasing embittered.

The exhibition “Sun Rise | Sun Set” sheds light on these social fractures as reflected in artworks by artists of varying generations and origins. These pieces address climate change and the myriad fears and hopes it evokes, sometimes applying diametrically opposed artistic approaches. The exhibited works of contemporary and modern artists mutate into lively organisms that guide us through surreal landscapes, bio-technical hybrids, futuristic scenarios and speculative concepts encouraging reconciliation during the moment of a radically changing reality.

Curated by: Nina Pohl, Agnes Gryczkowska
Curatorial assistant: Kerstin Renerig

Artists: Monira Al Qadiri, Karl Blossfeldt, Dora Budor, Max Ernst, Joan Fontcuberta, Karrabing Film Collective, Max Hooper Schneider, Pierre Huyghe, Emma Kunz, Richard Oelze, Precious Okoyomon, Neri Oxman, Jean Painlevé, Pamela Rosenkranz, Rachel Rose, Henri Rousseau, Torbjørn Rødland, Ryūichi Sakamoto, Anj Smith


  • 27 February, 2021 to 25 July, 2021: Exhibition

    Schinkel Pavillon, Berlin

  • 26 February, 2021 : Online Opening | 7 pm



Schinkel Pavillon

Oberwallstraße 1
10117 Berlin (external link, opens in a new window)