The football world championship will certainly be the biggest sport and media event of 2006. In the exhibition project hosted by the Nürnberg Kunstverein, two "teams" of eleven artists each will address the phenomenon of football. Whether sympathetic or ironic, critical or profound, both teams will pass each other the ball in various artistic forms of expression - through painting, sculpture, photography, installations and video.

Artistic directors: Natalie de Ligt, Manfred Rothenberger

Artists: Marieta Chirulescu (D/RO), Matthias Egersdörfer, Michael Franz / Jochen Lüftl, Elke Haaver, Claudia Kugler, Jörg Obergfell, Roderick Buchanan (GB), Thomas Demand, Jochen Flinzer, Gelantine (A), Julie Henry (GB), Michael Kermann, Fumie Sasabuchi (J), Boris Mikhailov (UA), Gianni Motti (CH/I) and others

Venue and schedule:
Nürnberg, 20 May - 10 Jul. 2006


Institut für moderne Kunst Nürnberg e.V.

Luitpoldstraße 5

90402 Nürnberg