The musician, producer and performer Peaches enjoys cult status in Germany. With her radical and subversive pieces, she has gained acclaim from subculture, the international art world and even mainstream pop. Her concerts are immersive Gesamtkunstwerke comprised of music, performance elements, costumes, self-made objects and musical instruments.
In cooperation with the Kunstverein Hamburg, the cultural centre Kampnagel in Hamburg is organising the first solo exhibition of Peaches’ works, offering an overview of her extensive oeuvre viewed in an academic context. Part of the exhibition features a performative programme comprising one of the artist’s large-scale stage shows along with other performances and concerts shown during the Kampnagel international summer festival. The project reflects the versatility of Peaches’ experimental stage pieces. In addition to musical productions and live performances, the project also features her sculptural costumes as well as her photos, texts and films.
Peaches has cultivated a very special relationship with her community. Her fans are among the most productive and creative in the pop music scene, and she empowers them to actively participate in her art. Consequently, the exhibition is designed as an interactive space in which visitors can discover the artist’s works and perform themselves. Fellow artists and theorists from the international scene – e.g. the choreographer Florentina Holzinger, the choreographer and dancer Ivo Dimchev and the musician Chilly Gonzales – have been invited to offer new interpretations of Peaches’ music, videos, performances and stage shows.

Artistic directors: Bettina Steinbrügge, Merrill Nisker aka Peaches (CA)
Artists: Ivo Dimchev (BG), Chilly Gonzales (CA), Florentina Holzinger (AT)

  • Date

    07.08. –


    Kunstverein | Hamburg

    07.08. –

    Live programme and performances

    International Summer Festival Kampnagel | Hamburg



Jarrestraße 20
22303 Hamburg