Artistic directors: Manfred Wilhelms (photography and film), Fritz Kreidt (painting)
Venue and schedule: Plessa power plant (Berlin-Brandenburg), 9 Sep. - 10 Dec. 2006

In 1990/91, the painter Fritz Kreidt and documentary filmmaker Manfred Wilhelms drove through the brown coal mining areas of what had been the GDR only months earlier. In oil paintings, film footage and photos, they captured the relics and monuments of an industrial landscape, most of which is no longer visible today. The artists will present these works in a joint exhibition at one of the sites where they were made - the Plessa power plant which is now a historic industrial landmark and will soon be converted into a museum.


Industrie-Denkmal & Industrie-Museum Kraftwerk Plessa GmbH

Nordstraße 1-3

04928 Plessa