The World Cinema Fund (WCF) was founded in October 2004 as a joint initiative of the German Federal Cultural Foundation and the Berlinale. It immediately established itself as one of the leading institutions funding outstanding international productions and rapidly gained recognition from those in the industry. The World Cinema Fund supports films which could not otherwise be realized without its funding. They are uniquely aesthetic, tell memorable stories and authentically reflect the cultural background of the regions in which they are made.
The WCF supports cooperative projects involving German film producers and non-European filmmakers and producers. The World Cinema Fund has focussed its funding activities in Latin America, Central America, the Caribbean, Africa, the Middle East, the Caucasus, Central Asia and Southeast Asia; additionally the following countries: Bangladesh, Nepal, Sri Lanka. The World Cinema Fund has an annual budget of ca. € 350,000 with which it supports the production and distribution of feature-length films and documentaries.

Production Funding

To be eligible for funding, production companies must work with directors from the regions mentioned above. German production companies are also eligible for funding if they prove that they have worked together with a director from one of these regions. Furthermore, the production companies must have their headquarters in Germany. Foreign-based production companies must prove they have cooperated with a German partner company, but can apply for funding prior to submitting this proof.The maximum possible funding amount is 80,000 euros per project. The subsidy may not exceed 50% of the total production costs. The total production cost of funded projects should lie between 200,000 euros and 1,000,000 euros.

Distribution Funding

German distributors can apply for distribution funding not exceeding 10,000 euros for the distribution of film from the WCF regions in Germany.

WCF Europe

The WCF will retain its current successful funding structures. The new funding programme WCF Europe will also operate in the production and distribution funding fields but opening up the WCF support to companies from European countries participating in the Media sub-programme and from WCF Europe eligible regions and countries.
Numerous WCF-funded films have been invited to the most important international film festivals in the world and distinguished with top film awards. When a film receives WCF funding, many in the film industry regard it as a "seal of quality". Within just a few years, the World Cinema Fund has established itself as an instrument for cultural funding and intercultural dialogue, as well as for promoting international contacts within the film industry.

Golden Bear 2009 for La teta asustada

La teta asustada was the first Peruvian film ever shown at the Berlinale and was awarded the Golden Bear 2009 for its magnificent combination of political statement and poetic form. Set in modern-day Peru, the film depicts the traumas caused by the Peruvian guerrilla organization Shining Path. The resulting psychological damage continues to fester like a national disease, the pain of which is passed to each generation through the mother’s milk, the "milk of pain".


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